Things to do

Downtown Rockport is loaded with art galleries and coastal shops. For everyday needs, Rockport hosts a large grocery store, pharmacy, video store, hardware, appliance, and lumber stores, and a number of  clothing stores. You won't have to go far to get what you need.

Less than one hour away is the larger city of Corpus Christi. This is a beautiful city to visit for anything that you can think of.


There are plenty of bait stands in Rockport and Fulton, and great fishing from the bank or boat is awesome. Call for the latest fishing report.
It's a tough job, but I try to stay current on where the fish are hiding. If nothing else, I can usually tell you where they aren't!

During the Fall and Winter, the bird population explodes. Bring your camera because you won't believe your eyes.


Now we're talking something I really know about...FOOD, or more accurately, eating food. There are some great places to eat in Rockport and Fulton. From the Boiling Pot in Fulton to Los Comales in Rockport to the Crab Inn in Aransas Pass, there are plenty of places to eat. And for a burger and beer, check out Moondog's in Fulton. Check out our dining book in the condo. We sacrificed ourselves for you and ate at all those places so we could tell you a little about them. Another tough job.